Afbeelding OrganisatieLTO Nederland (Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie) is the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture, an entrepreneurial and employers’ organisation.

Cooperative arrangement 
Representing almost 50,000 agricultural entrepreneurs, the cooperative arrangement of LTO Noord, ZLTO and LLTB - the three regional agricultural organisations in The Netherlands - works in support of their economic and social position. And successfully so: it is because of their vast contribution to the national economy, employment, landscape and environment that farmers and horticulturalists deliver unmistakable great value to Dutch agriculture and horticulture.

Dutch agriculture and horticulture show enormous diversity, with agricultural entrepreneurs distributed over various animal and crop sectors like arable or dairy farming, bulbgrowing, glasshouse horticulture, tree cultivation and pig farming. The majority of these farmers and horticulturalists are organized in and represented via LTO Noord, ZLTO and LLTB under the umbrella of LTO Nederland. Their membership underlines the added value of this entrepreneurial and employers’ organisation which effectively promotes their interests at local, regional, national and international levels.

For further information, read Dutch Organisation for the Agriculture and Horticulture (PDF).

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15 december 2006


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